Week 1 – My impressions of the MKE class
Today I will share with you my first impressions of my new class called MKE  and how thankful I am to receive the scholarship so that I could attend.  I have only been in the class for a few days and I am amazed already how much the positive effects of the class have already filtered into my life.  Here are a few words that have triggered the new blue print in my life and have given me the power to begin my journey:  Hope, Harmony, Inspiration, Achievement, Joy, Constructive, Freedom & Blessing

I am excited to learn how to think differently, to discover my dreams, and learn how to obtain my desires.  I am also inspired by the treasures in the scrolls and how it makes waking up a real joy along with an added motivation midday to continue doing my job diligently.. I find that reading the scrolls the last thing before I go to bed settles my mind and calms my body for a good nights rest.  I am enjoying the class & I am so glad my sister-in-law was so persistent.